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Customer Case Coram

Coram focuses on the sanitary market in Europe. They design, create and sell bathroom accessories and shower spaces. Coram has departments in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Poland and Norway and exports worldwide to more than 50 countries. Through various sales channels, they sell the Tiger, Sealskin, Geesa, Esbada, Impey and Coram Showers brands.

Coram uses Infor Cloudsuite as its ERP system and Infor's WMS module. As a result, they have both aspects conveniently arranged in one umbrella system. From Infor Cloudsuite, orders that can go directly to the supplier are automatically emailed. Once a purchase order is created in Infor Cloudsuite, the system automatically converts that order's data into the required EDI format and then sends it electronically to the appropriate supplier via e-mail. Orders that cannot be done directly are manually printed and emailed to suppliers.

A link has been established between Infor's WMS and carriers of shipments. Previously, all this work, such as filling portals and processing submissions, was done manually. Because of the amount of manual work, it was decided to realize the link with carrier UPS first. Three data streams were set up in the link: transport orders, labels and status updates.

Antaras is Coram's implementation partner and Antaras ensured that the right data was made available from Infor WMS. Copernicus then started working on the integration. The link was built and implemented in a month on Copernicus' Managed EDI platform, with Copernicus hosting and managing it.