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Medius partners with Antaras to offer a new integration for InforLN Cloudsuite

Medius, a leading global provider of cloud-based accounts payable (AP) automation and spend management solutions, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Antaras, an Infor Gold Channel Partner responsible for the implementation and support services for InforLN Cloudsuite.

Under the terms of the agreement, Antaras has developed a pre-packaged connector between Medius AP Automation and InforLN Cloudsuite. Medius will sell, implement and support the Medius solution. Antaras will sell, implement, and support the InforLN connector.

Antaras’s pedigree as an Infor Gold Channel Partner with more than 40+ clients in the Benelux region, offices in the Netherlands and Belgium who support customers worldwide, will mean that Medius customers can simplify and automate their workflows through InforLN’s ERP solution seamlessly - gaining an autonomous AP processing solution that makes touchless invoice processing a reality.

“Antaras makes it easy for InforLN Cloudsuite customers to integrate their ERP solution with Medius AP so that they can improve their business operations, reduce risk and improve overall financial control.” said Matt Rhodus, VP of Business Development & Strategic Initiatives at Medius.

The partnership with Antaras adds to Medius’s existing pre-packaged ERP connectors and provides additional integration options for customers following previous partnerships such as Circular Edge for JD Edwards product and Columbus A/S for Infor M3 product that have extended Medius’s time-to-value capabilities with pre-packed ERP connectors.

Sebes Zevenhuizen, Director at Antaras, said: “Through this partnership InforLN Cloudsuite has become an integral connector for Medius, helping integrate complex financial systems and data. This partnership drives us closer to a truly seamless and touchless invoicing process, and we at Antaras are glad to be a part of that - offering businesses integrations that drive efficient growth and faster time-to-value. We see this partnership with Medius offering us a chance to grow faster in the International Infor world, which is a key ambition for us at Antaras.”

About Medius

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